How to Identify a Sick Tree

Maple tree leaf diseases. Rhytisma acerinum. Tar black spot.

Sick trees on your property can be problematic for many reasons, including dropping dangerous limbs and spreading sickness to other trees. Fortunately, there are some clear indications that show a tree may be sick, helping you identify the problem so you can take action before it is too late. Here are some of the most […]

7 Tree Care Myths

Tree cutting, tree care

How much do you know about the trees on your property? While you may know a lot about them, some of the information you know may be false. Worse still, some of the false information you know could be harmful to the health of your trees. To avoid doing more harm than good to your […]

Keep Your Trees in Great Health With These Easy Tips

Professional gardener pruning a tree

Historic Charleston, SC is one of the most beautiful American cities. Residents like to spend their spare time walking the shores of Folly Beach and shopping in Charleston City Market. Many residents have large houses and equally large properties. If you own a home, here a few tips to help make sure that your trees […]

How Commercial Tree Trimming Can Benefit Your Business

tree trimmer trimming a tree growing under a electricity power line

Spring is right around the corner, and so is the tourist and storm season in South Carolina. If you are a business owner, part of attracting customers is the landscaping around your business. Having trees with broken branches, trees that are half dead, and overgrown vegetation gives potential customers the impression that you do not […]

5 Reasons to Choose Commercial Tree Care

cutting thuja tree with garden hedge clippers

Many business owners in Charleston, SC eventually face the question of whether to secure commercial care for the trees on their property. In nearly every case, the business owner is responsible for maintaining all the trees on the commercial property. Commercial tree care can make this task simple and hassle free. Here are five reasons […]

4 Reasons Spring Is the Best Time for Tree Pruning

Pruning shears in the garden in early spring

Tree pruning is essential for the healthy growth of your trees. However, most homeowners are often unsure when to trim plants on their property. Read on to find out why most arborists recommend pruning trees in spring. 1. Removes Weak Branches to Keep Your Home Safe Statistics show that Charleston, SC homes are prone to […]

4 Reasons Why a Dead Tree Is Dangerous

Storm damage. Fallen tree in the park after a storm

Dead trees on your property can create a considerable safety hazard for your family, your home and any passersby that happen to be in the vicinity when a catastrophic event occurs. Removing dead trees as quickly as possible is the best way to avoid these problems. Here are some reasons why having a dead tree […]

4 Reasons to Get Professional Tree Trimming Services for Your Property

forestry worker at work

Charleston, SC, has beautiful oak trees that provide wonderful shade over the hot, humid summers. However, these oak trees can grow to be quite large if they’re not trimmed. Keeping oak trees and other trees on your property tamed isn’t the only reason you should look into tree trimming services. Here are more reasons to […]

The Best Trees for Waterlogged Soil

Wow! James Island received about 6 inches of rain yesterday! Many of the surrounding areas of Charleston were drenched, too and the downpours are to continue for a few more days. This got us to thinking about the best trees for waterlogged soil. Many of our customers are located in the floodplain with soils that […]

6 Signs You Need an Arborist

When you have a tree on your property, it’s up to you to take care of it. Sometimes, you need the help of professionals who can apply their skills and knowledge to the problems you have with your trees. Your tree could have issues, but you’ll never be sure if it’s an actual issue until […]