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Holes and bark damage on the stump of a removed ash tree, which was damaged by the invasive insect, the emerald ash borer

4 Signs That You Should Remove Your Tree, Not Save It

There’s no shortage of trees in Charleston, SC, and most of them are beautiful, strong, and healthy. Drive down any street and the trees will amaze you. However, some trees reach a point where they’re done for. These dying or dead trees need to be cut down. Here are four signs that indicate that.

Large Patches of Bark Have Fallen Off

One clear indicator that a tree is dead is when large patches of bark have fallen off of the tree. If you catch it before the patches become large, you might be able to save the tree. However, if the patches are already big, chances are the tree is beyond saving.

Another thing to look for in the missing patches of bark is cracks in the tree. These cracks can go all the way to the core of the tree, indicating that the strength and integrity of the tree is compromised. This makes the tree dangerous, so it should be cut down.

The Tree Smells Awful

Dying trees can often become riddled with fungus. This fungus rots the tree from the outside to the inside. This can make the tree smell really bad.

Sometimes, a stinky tree can be saved if the fungus hasn’t spread too much. You’ll likely need a consult from an arborist at Stump Stomper to make this determination. Hopefully, the fungus can be eliminated and the tree can be restored, but you should be prepared to have the tree cut down just in case.

Bare Branches When the Tree Is in Season

If you have a deciduous tree that’s no longer sprouting leaves and/or flowers, this is a clear indicator that your tree is dying. It means it’s not healthy enough to do what it’s supposed to do. At this point, it may still be possible to save it, but you must look for other signs that tell you it’s too late.

Other signs can include:

  • Dry, brittle branches
  • Lots of broken, fallen branches on the ground around the tree
  • Damaged or rotted roots
  • Large patches of fungus

If you see these problems along with the nonsprouting branches, then chances are your tree is unsavable.

The Tree Looks Horrible

Sometimes, you can just look at a tree and tell it’s done for. The tree may look old and decrepit. It might be leaning to the side, or it could look diseased. The leaves may be yellowed, eaten away, or covered in weird-colored spots. You may see the tree covered with a lot of mushrooms. Perhaps you see all of the signs above combined.

If the tree looks like it has seen much better days, it’s probably beyond saving. There could be too many problems to fix, which means the tree has become a safety hazard.

Reach Out for Help

If you’re no tree expert, you still may have doubts about the condition of your tree. Luckily, help is not too far away. Just call Stump Stomper for all of your tree-related needs.

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Kris Litman-Koon
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