Effective Pruning Is Key to Healthy Growth in Summer

Pruning tree with pruning saws

Tree care in the heat of summer is specific to different species. If you’ve recently purchased a property and the trees look neglected, it may be wise to bring in a professional who can tell you what variety of tree you’re dealing with. They can also help you determine what time of year is best […]

Prepare Your Trees Now Before the Summer Storms Hit

Storms often blow in from the bay during the summer months. The strong winds, heavy rain, and lightning can leave behind severe damage to your trees and property. To avoid this, you can take advantage of tree service storm preparation. This service provides your trees with their best chance of surviving the area’s worst storms. […]

Learn How Tree Removal Can Protect Your Landscape

Man sawing tree

As trees age, they can become vulnerable to weather, diseases and pests. If you have older trees on your property that are showing signs of failing, there are many benefits to getting them taken out soon. Removing unhealthy trees can improve your landscape. Increase Safety on the Grounds of Your Property Older trees can become […]

Tree Trimming Safety Begins With Proper Tool Safety

gardener pruning dry branches

Of the various tips our arborists give to clients who are into gardening and touching up their landscaping, one of the most important involves the tools you use, their condition, and how you use them. Some of the tools used by professional arborists and tree service technicians have similar versions for home gardening, and the […]

Make Your Property Shine: Springtime Tree Trimming for Beauty and Health

gardener pruning a tree

Spring brings a chance for fresh beginnings. It is the best season to make your outdoor area look new again, and cutting back your trees is a wonderful way to do it. Taking this measure not only makes your trees look more beautiful, but it also helps them stay healthy and makes your whole property […]

Strategic Tree Removal Can Save Your Home From Storm Damage

Severe weather comes with many threats to your home and personal safety. One of the most common problems that comes with high winds is damage from trees. Even the sturdiest trees can falter when faced with dangerous tornadoes and strong storms. The best way to minimize the risk of a tree falling on your home […]

How Tree Care Pros Take Down Trees Quickly

worker cutting down large tree

If you’ve ever watched an arborist at work, it can be quite amazing. It tends to remind you of how much a simple tool like a chainsaw can make an impact on something large, like a tree. If you’re wondering how professionals are able to cut down trees easily, you’re going to learn their process […]

Shape and Trim Your Trees for Beauty and Shade

Both old and young trees can benefit from a careful trimming. To safely trim any tree, it’s crucial that you’re aware of the health of the tree before you start. If you think that a tree is diseased or is infested with a fungus or insects, you will need to get it checked out before […]

Storm Prep to Protect Your Trees and Property

Extreme weather can wreak havoc on your trees. Heavy rain, lightning, and high winds can cause damage to your trees, which in turn may further damage your property. Ice and snow from winter storms can also damage trees and cause limbs to break off. These situations can potentially harm items in your yard. In worst-case […]

5 Ways Commercial Tree Services Can Help Your Landscaping In Winter

You may think about landscaping during spring and summer because of gardening and planting flowers. Commercial tree services include removing and pruning trees, which are year-round services. There are several ways commercial tree services can benefit your landscaping during winter. 1. Cold Prevents Pests and Diseases Spreading The cold temperatures during winter can reduce the […]