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Tree Care Advancements That Are Enhancing Commercial Landscapes

Tree care may seem like an established industry with only a few tools necessary to do great work, but there have been advancements in the field. Technology and engineering are equally impactful in landscaping, so much so that they’re transforming the way companies provide service to commercial clients who often have large properties and complex needs.

These innovative pieces of equipment are driving the next generation of tree care, leading to improved tree health, greater landscaping solutions, and personalized customer service.

Soil Moisture Sensors

A tree can only be as healthy as its soil; this is why soil moisture sensors are one of the most important and exciting technologies to enter the market. They are able to detect moisture levels below the surface and provide comprehensive, real-time data about soil conditions. Soil moisture sensors help arborists offer more accurate suggestions for fertilization and watering to give trees the best possible care.

Tree Health Monitoring

There are now software apps that allow arborists to monitor tree health, identify risks with predictive analytics, and provide comprehensive solutions that maximize a tree’s well-being. Moreover, these apps can help arborists paint a picture of a tree’s health over time, noting any seasonal shifts, problems with age, or other issues that may require specific maintenance or interventions.

Biochar Production

Biochar is a substance like charcoal made from wood chips and forestry waste. The debris from trees shedding their leaves can be turned into this helpful biological substance that reduces carbon emission. In turn, this helps arborists perform many tree services while limiting the negative impact on the environment and reducing waste.

When it comes to trees, biochar is a helpful soil amendment that can dramatically increase soil health. Using biochar on soil can help improve moisture retention, promote the growth of helpful microorganisms, and improve a tree’s nutrient absorption.

Aerial Drone Tree Observation

Arborists today have the help of drone technology to assess tree canopies. This can be especially useful when working on large commercial properties. It wouldn’t be possible to see the same level of detail from manually inspecting trees, but a drone offers 360-degree coverage that can reveal surprising facts about tree health.

Another benefit of drones is that they offer a greater ability to monitor a tree’s growth pattern and structural integrity. In traditionally hard-to-reach places, drones offer a new vantage point that allows arborists to make better-informed decisions about maintenance and care.

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