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4 Reasons Why a Dead Tree Is Dangerous

Dead trees on your property can create a considerable safety hazard for your family, your home and any passersby that happen to be in the vicinity when a catastrophic event occurs. Removing dead trees as quickly as possible is the best way to avoid these problems. Here are some reasons why having a dead tree on your property is dangerous.

1. Attracting Insects and Other Pests

There are numerous insects and other pests that love to make their homes in dead trees. Here in Charleston, SC, we usually see beetles, bagworms and termites. These undesirable visitors can cause numerous problems, including spreading disease, damaging wooden structures and infesting other areas of the property. Dead trees that have been infested by pests should be taken out by a professional tree removal service to ensure that the infestation does not spread.

2. Damage From Dead Limbs

Dead wood is very brittle and breaks easily, leaving heavy limbs unable to support their own weight properly. These limbs can fall at any time but are more likely to break off during strong winds. In some cases, these limbs can weigh hundreds of pounds, destroying anything that they land on.

3. Trees Falling Over

Another significant danger from dead trees is the entire tree falling over and landing on people or property. A compromised root system reduces the tree’s hold on the soil, allowing the roots to slide out of the soil as the tree tips over. Falling trees have been responsible for taking out power lines, destroying homes and cars and causing numerous fatalities every year.

4. Spreading Disease to Other Plants

Most trees die after succumbing to some sort of disease that attacks vegetation. As the tree dies, it also provides a host to keep the disease virulent, allowing the infection to jump to other plants in the area. Removing diseased trees must be done carefully to ensure that the disease is not inadvertently spread to the surrounding trees.

Common Signs That a Tree Is Dying

If a tree is nearing the end of its life, a careful examination will inform you of this. Here are some of the common symptoms that a tree has become more of a liability than an asset.

  • You see lots of dried twigs and branches beneath the tree.
  • The tree’s limbs are brittle.
  • The tree has bare areas with no leaves.
  • The tree is losing its bark.
  • The branches are not green underneath the bark.
  • There is a visible rot or fungus infestation.
  • There is a visible pest infestation.
  • The tree begins to lean precipitously.
  • The tree has large cuts or splits in it.

Contact the Professionals

Dealing with dead or dying trees is not something most homeowners have experience with. At Charleston Stump Stompers & Tree Care, we take a methodical, conscientious approach to removing trees in the safest and most economical way. Over the last three decades, we have taken pride in providing high-quality, affordable tree removal in Charleston, SC and the surrounding area. Contact our certified tree removal experts today.

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