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4 Reasons to Get Professional Tree Trimming Services for Your Property

Charleston, SC, has beautiful oak trees that provide wonderful shade over the hot, humid summers. However, these oak trees can grow to be quite large if they’re not trimmed. Keeping oak trees and other trees on your property tamed isn’t the only reason you should look into tree trimming services. Here are more reasons to consider.

1. Falling Branches Can Damage Your Property

During severe storms or heavy winds, it’s easy for trees to lose their branches. These branches can be both small and large. If you have a tree whose branches are hanging over your roof or window, a falling branch can do considerable damage. Your tree branches may even extend over the sidewalk where cars are parked. If a branch falls on top of a parked car, you’ll be responsible.

When Charleston Stump Stompers comes by to trim your branches, we may notice further damage to the tree. Sometimes, a storm can cause a tree to become unstable. In this case, we can give you tips on the next steps you’ll need to take. Not only do we have an ISA-certified arborist on our staff, but we also come with 30 years of experience.

2. Safety Reasons

Damaged property isn’t the only reason you should get professional tree trimming services. Falling branches can hit pedestrians as well as family members. If you happen to be eating out in your garden when a branch falls, it could cause physical injury. Remember that dead branches can fall at any time. They can even fall on power lines. Make sure to use preventative measures by having your trees trimmed regularly.

3. Healthier Trees

When you trim your trees in order to keep them healthy, this is called pruning. When Charleston Stump Stompers prunes your trees, we remove diseased, infested, or weak branches that can adversely affect the whole tree. By removing the diseased portions of the tree, we keep the entire tree stronger and healthier.

We can also prevent diseases from attacking your tree, such as oak wilt. When branches are crammed together, leaf diseases can occur. Pruning trees can reduce the occurrences of these kinds of tree diseases.

4. Prettier Yard

When you use a professional tree trimming service, you’ll get a prettier yard. Trees that are overgrown can create too much shade, which then prohibits grass from growing. In addition, dying branches can be an eyesore. Removing them leaves healthier-looking trees.

How We Can Help

When it’s time to trim your trees, contact a professional tree trimming service. There are certain techniques we use that won’t harm your tree. We also have the necessary tools needed to carry out tree trimming services on large trees, such as oak trees. Tree trimming can be dangerous, so you should avoid trying to do the job yourself.

Need a professional tree trimming service in Charleston, SC? Reach out to our team at Charleston Stump Stompers.

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David Eiland
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Kris Litman-Koon
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