3 Reasons to Storm Prep Your Trees

Mangled tree after a tornado came through

Mother nature is a force in her own right, and there is no way to stop her from unleashing a storm on your trees. Storms may cause trees to brush against the side of your house, snap power lines, and bring down wind-twisted branches on your roof. When these tree-killing storms happen, you have a […]

4 Signs Your Tree Has Damaged Roots

Tree and root

Roots can become damaged from a number of things, from physical damage to fungal infections. You should always be on the lookout for signs of tree root problems. Here are four signs that your tree may have damaged roots. 1. Leaf Scorch Leaves that are scorched will look shriveled and brown. Damaged roots often fail […]

Five Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy During the Winter

Lumberjack with saw and harness climbing a tree

Though trees are dormant during the winter, you still need to care for them to make certain they continue to thrive. There are five tips you can follow to ensure your trees remain healthy. 1. Lay Down Mulch to Keep Your trees Warm and Retain Moisture Laying mulch around your trees provides insulation against cold […]

How Often Do Your Trees Need Professional Trimming

Farmer pruning an apple tree with pruning shears

Residents of Charleston, SC enjoy access to a very mild climate. The region’s weather makes it easy to grow all kinds of trees that add pleasing beauty and plenty of shade to your property. If you own property in Charleston with trees, you know that they need proper care to look their best. What you […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy

Arborist man cutting a branches with chainsaw and throw on a ground. The worker with helmet working at height on the trees. Lumberjack working with chainsaw during a nice sunny day. Tree and nature

Charleston, SC is known for its gorgeous tree-lined streets. It is a city filled with Southern charm, and there is nothing better than sitting on a bench under the shade of a tree on a hot summer day. Charleston Stump Stompers wants you to know how to keep the trees on your property healthy so […]

Fun Facts About Fruit Trees

Drip irrigation under a tree with tangerine fruits in citrus orchard

Life would be just a bit sadder if you couldn’t look forward to the taste of a crisp apple, a juicy peach, a sweet cherry, or any of the other hundreds of types of fruit that grow on trees. Even the olive and the avocado are fruits, and olives have been cultivated for roughly 7,000 […]

Tips for Ensuring Your Trees Remain Disease Free

a view up into the trees direction sky

One of the most beautiful things about the state of South Carolina is its natural beauty. Beautiful, rolling country hills stretch for miles, and the plant life is a remarkable sight. Charleston is home to numerous species of trees, including river birch, red maple, tulip poplar, loblolly pine, and American sycamore. If you have planted […]

4 Signs That You Should Remove Your Tree, Not Save It

Holes and bark damage on the stump of a removed ash tree, which was damaged by the invasive insect, the emerald ash borer

There’s no shortage of trees in Charleston, SC, and most of them are beautiful, strong, and healthy. Drive down any street and the trees will amaze you. However, some trees reach a point where they’re done for. These dying or dead trees need to be cut down. Here are four signs that indicate that. Large […]

How to Identify a Sick Tree

Maple tree leaf diseases. Rhytisma acerinum. Tar black spot.

Sick trees on your property can be problematic for many reasons, including dropping dangerous limbs and spreading sickness to other trees. Fortunately, there are some clear indications that show a tree may be sick, helping you identify the problem so you can take action before it is too late. Here are some of the most […]

7 Tree Care Myths

Tree cutting, tree care

How much do you know about the trees on your property? While you may know a lot about them, some of the information you know may be false. Worse still, some of the false information you know could be harmful to the health of your trees. To avoid doing more harm than good to your […]