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5 Ways Commercial Tree Services Can Help Your Landscaping In Winter

You may think about landscaping during spring and summer because of gardening and planting flowers. Commercial tree services include removing and pruning trees, which are year-round services. There are several ways commercial tree services can benefit your landscaping during winter.

1. Cold Prevents Pests and Diseases Spreading

The cold temperatures during winter can reduce the effects of pests and diseases on your trees. Pruning your trees can ward off pests such as mountain pine beetles or stop diseases from spreading. When the temperature is low, ailments tend to go dormant.

Trees with pests or diseases need winter pruning to prevent them from spreading to other trees. Cuts made during pruning can heal during winter without the threat of diseases or pests getting worse. Some cities mandate that property owners prevent the spread of diseases and pests by removing dead leaves and branches.

2. Enhance Tree Health and Visibility

Many trees and shrubs stay dormant during winter by dropping their leaves and waiting for spring. Our arborists can check and maintain your trees with better visibility without leaves on the branches. Removing hazardous materials from your trees is a proactive approach to landscaping maintenance.

Winter pruning helps your tree evaluations and allows arborists to make precise cuts for the best chance of healing. Pruning during winter is the easiest time to solve tree safety concerns. Trees are dormant until spring, and winter pruning allows for better spring growth.

3. Ensure a Safer Landscape and Reduce Tree Stress

The colder temperatures during the winter can bring worse weather and damage your landscaping. Winter storms can bring snow and ice that add extra weight to the branches, which weakens branches. Branches may have a higher risk of breaking and causing damage to people or property.

Winter pruning is a proactive way to reduce the risks to your landscaping. Trimming weak or dead branches during winter allows healthy ones to grow stronger during warmer months. Trees experience less stress while dormant, so winter is the perfect time to remove or relocate them.

4. The Frozen Ground Prevents Damage

Frozen soil makes the ground harder and reduces the damage your property can receive. Falling trees or heavy equipment can damage the ground during services from their weight. We use preventive methods such as protective mats while removing trees or branches to reduce damage to your property.

5. May Schedule Your Services Quicker

Winter makes some commercial tree service tasks easier, including scheduling a service. Summer and spring are the busiest seasons for our arborists, and winter may offer a shorter wait for tree services. Winter weather may delay tree removals if safety becomes an issue for crews.

Get ahead of the season by getting your trees cared for by a professional during the winter months. If you need commercial tree services in Charleston, SC, call us at Charleston Stump Stompers today.

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David Eiland
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Kris Litman-Koon
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