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7 Things You Should Know About Flowering Trees

Flowering trees are a great investment for any yard. Not only do they add beauty to a landscape, but they also have many uses and benefits that people may not realize. Here are seven things you should know about flowering trees.

1. Facilitate Pollination

Many flowering trees provide food for pollinators in the spring before annual and perennial flowers bloom, making them valuable. Maintaining and increasing diversity within and across native species of plants is one of pollination’s many benefits. It can help increase the production of fruits and other plants in your garden.

2. Improve Privacy

It is not easy to relax in your backyard if everyone in the neighborhood can see what you are up to. Installing a fence may cost a lot due to rising material costs. However planting a flowering tree is a low-cost and environmentally friendly choice. Its greenery can shield you from prying eyes.

The leaves also act as natural soundproofing, keeping garden talk private and muffling street sounds. Moreover, blossoming trees are more visually appealing than a standard fence and have a good scent.

3. Raise the Market Value of Your Residence

Adding a few flowering trees to your property enhances its visual appeal. The value of your property may rise when you maintain attractive landscaping because many homebuyers will pay extra for a house with good aesthetics.

4. Provide Food to Birds

These trees also provide a natural food source for birds that is not dependent on human intervention as many of them produce berries or fruit on their own that birds enjoy eating. In addition, birds can find cover among the flowers and foliage. If you want to attract birds to your garden, plant some flowering trees.

5. Retain Carbon

The amount of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere is rising because more carbon is being released. Planting a flowering tree is a great way to make your yard and garden more climate-friendly.

It would be difficult to identify a better approach for the home climate enthusiast to store carbon than with additional trees on their land. Planting one enables a homeowner to make a small difference in the climate change issue.

6. Reduce Energy Expenses

You can save money on air conditioning by planting a tall flowering tree near your house to provide shade during the warm summer months. On the other hand, flowering shrubs or trees planted in a row can protect your home from harsh winter winds.

Tree planting should be an option if you are looking for solutions to rein in rising energy expenses. You will enjoy seeing your utility bills go down while still appreciating the beautiful views in your home when you plant a flowering tree.

7. Prevent Soil Erosion

You should consider planting a flowering tree if you deal with storm runoff every time it rains. Constantly restoring lost soil is time-consuming and costly, especially if the runoff ends in waterways.

Wrap Up

Maintaining the health of trees at your home or business is important. But, routine pruning and trimming of branches can be exhausting. Hiring a professional firm to do this for you is your best bet.

At Charleston Stump Stompers, we are proud of the professional tree trimming and other services we offer our clients in Charleston, SC, so give us a call today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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