4 Reasons to Get Professional Tree Trimming Services for Your Property

forestry worker at work

Charleston, SC, has beautiful oak trees that provide wonderful shade over the hot, humid summers. However, these oak trees can grow to be quite large if they’re not trimmed. Keeping oak trees and other trees on your property tamed isn’t the only reason you should look into tree trimming services. Here are more reasons to […]

The Best Trees for Waterlogged Soil

Wow! James Island received about 6 inches of rain yesterday! Many of the surrounding areas of Charleston were drenched, too and the downpours are to continue for a few more days. This got us to thinking about the best trees for waterlogged soil. Many of our customers are located in the floodplain with soils that […]

6 Signs You Need an Arborist

When you have a tree on your property, it’s up to you to take care of it. Sometimes, you need the help of professionals who can apply their skills and knowledge to the problems you have with your trees. Your tree could have issues, but you’ll never be sure if it’s an actual issue until […]

5 Benefits of Stump Removal

As much as you love your yard in Charleston, SC, you might start loving it a little less if you always see an old tree stump outside. Not only can the old stump change the way you feel about your yard, but it also poses a hazard for anyone who uses your yard as well […]

Prepare Your Landscape for This Holiday Season

When you prepare a landscape for the holiday season, it’s ideal to start as early as possible. As the temperatures fall, it becomes harder to find a professional willing to work in the cold weather. Also, as your holiday preparations increase and your schedule fills up, you may forget to complete certain landscaping tasks. Here […]