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6 Signs You Need an Arborist

When you have a tree on your property, it’s up to you to take care of it. Sometimes, you need the help of professionals who can apply their skills and knowledge to the problems you have with your trees. Your tree could have issues, but you’ll never be sure if it’s an actual issue until you call a tree doctor. Below are six signs it’s time to call an arborist in the greater Charleston area.

1. Branches Too Close to Power Lines

When you notice that the branches of your trees are too close to the power lines, it’s time to call an arborist as soon as possible. Not only do arborists have the tools necessary for pruning the trees away from the lines, but they have the experience to do so safely.

2. Dead Limbs

While you may have a healthy tree, there are times where the tree has dead branches that cause the tree to look worse than it needs to. Trees need care to look their best, but sometimes it’s too hard and dangerous to do it yourself. Dead limbs are also hazardous as they can fall, injuring yourself, your loved ones, or your pets. Dead limbs can damage your property, too.

3. Diseased or Dead Trees

If you suspect that you have a diseased tree, you must contact a local arborist to look at it. If left untreated, the disease will spread to the other trees nearby. If you take action in time, our arborists in Charleston, SC, can cure the disease and save the tree, even if they have to remove diseased branches. If it’s a preventable disease, our team can inform you how to prevent the disease from recurring in the future.

4. Fallen Branches

Fallen branches are another reason to call your local arborist. A tree service company has the knowledge and experience to remove fallen branches and search for weakened branches that need removing. Fallen branches after a storm, whether a winter storm or a thunderstorm, can damage your roof or property even more if not cared for in time.

5. Nearby Underground Pipes

Trees naturally seek out sunlight, nutrients, and water, no matter where they’re located. Large trees need more water than smaller trees, and in times with less rain, the slightest bit of underground water attracts their roots. This water includes underground pipes that supply water to or from your home. The roots of your tree will damage pipes, cause blockages, and cause costly repair bills.

6. You Have Stumps

Tree stumps decay and invite unwanted pests in your yard, such as carpenter ants, beetles, termites, fungi, and mold. Not only that, but tree stumps are dangerous to young children and those with mobility issues who can trip over the stump or root. Plus, the tree root might uplift a portion of the sidewalk in front of your home, creating a dangerous situation for pedestrians and cyclists.

If you have one of the signs above or you have exposed tree roots, injured trees, or simply need tree maintenance, a tree service professional in the greater Charleston area can help before things worsen. Contact us at Charleston Stump Stompers today for an experienced team member to help you with your tree service needs.

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David Eiland
David Eiland
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" Great company! Great crew! Great service! I highly recommend Stump Stompers for any of your tree needs. They are professional and offer great advice and information about what needs to be done. "
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Kris Litman-Koon
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" The workers were professional, did a great job, and were thorough. Once they completed the stump removals we had agreed upon, they looked around and found a few roots and a smaller stump. They removed those for no extra charge, which was greatly appreciated. The contract process was seamlessly smooth, too. "
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Xiaorong Cai
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