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5 Reasons to Choose Commercial Tree Care

Many business owners in Charleston, SC eventually face the question of whether to secure commercial care for the trees on their property. In nearly every case, the business owner is responsible for maintaining all the trees on the commercial property. Commercial tree care can make this task simple and hassle free. Here are five reasons why all business owners should consider commercial tree care.

1. Produces Viable Planting Plans

The tree care professionals at Charleston Stump Stompers have extensive knowledge about the different types of trees that will thrive in various types of environments. Our pros can help you create a planting plan for your business that will work with the space and intentions you have for the property. They will also be able to recommend the best ways to avoid many of the most destructive pests, like the Asian longhorned beetle that has been invading the Charleston, SC area in recent years.

2. Keeps the Trees Healthy

With commercial tree care, the trees on the property are regularly screened for common ailments that could endanger the health of the tree. Many of the things that could damage or kill a tree progress gradually, so catching the problem early often makes it possible to save a tree with minimal intervention.

3. Enhances the Appearance of the Property

Scheduling regular tree care can enhance the appearance of the property by ensuring that the trees always look their best. Unsightly branches are trimmed, pruning keeps overgrowth at bay, and any damage or disease can be dealt with quickly. Keeping the trees aesthetically pleasing makes your business look well cared for and inviting to potential customers.

4. Prevents Property Damage

Dead limbs and damaged trees could fall at any time, causing considerable damage to anyone or anything they land on. With commercial tree care, trees or limbs that are posing a danger are more likely to be spotted before they cause a problem that could cost a lot of money or even a life.

5. Reduces Liability

Having trained professionals taking care of your trees reduces liability for your business. Many of the actions undertaken by these professionals are high-risk activities that could result in serious injuries if done incorrectly. Choosing commercial tree care ensures that the people taking care of the trees are highly trained, licensed, and insured.


Commercial tree care requires experience as well as concern for precision and safety. Since 1989, Charleston Stump Stompers has been providing a wide variety of commercial tree care services, including trimming, removing, mulching, and clearing services. Get in touch with our tree care professionals today for a consultation.

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David Eiland
David Eiland
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" Great company! Great crew! Great service! I highly recommend Stump Stompers for any of your tree needs. They are professional and offer great advice and information about what needs to be done. "
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Kris Litman-Koon
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" The workers were professional, did a great job, and were thorough. Once they completed the stump removals we had agreed upon, they looked around and found a few roots and a smaller stump. They removed those for no extra charge, which was greatly appreciated. The contract process was seamlessly smooth, too. "
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Xiaorong Cai
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" Charleston Stump Stompers & Tree Service is great. The crew was very friendly and professional. They were very courteous and did a fabulous job. They offered very reasonable price. Would strongly recommend. "