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7 Tree Care Myths

How much do you know about the trees on your property? While you may know a lot about them, some of the information you know may be false. Worse still, some of the false information you know could be harmful to the health of your trees. To avoid doing more harm than good to your trees, here are some common tree myths you should know about.

1. Newly Planted Trees Should Be Firmly Staked

In some cases, newly planted trees must be securely staked to ensure they remain upright and develop a firm root system. However, staking isn’t necessary for all trees, and un-staked trees often develop a healthier root system and better trunk taper.

Nonetheless, staking may be necessary depending on your tree species. If staking is necessary, ensure you do the following things:

  • Provide the tree with adequate space for proper root and trunk development.
  • Remove staking materials, such as wires and ties, after roughly one year to prevent girdling.

2. Branches Always Grow Back, No Matter How They’re Cut

While it may appear straightforward, tree trimming is a delicate procedure, and limbs cut haphazardly, without care, may fail to grow back. As a result, it’s advisable to leave tree pruning to tree care professionals to prevent causing permanent damage to your trees.

3. All Bugs Are Harmful to Trees

Insects such as aphids, borers, and various beetle species can wreak havoc on your trees. Nevertheless, many insects can protect your trees, too. For instance, insects such as ladybugs, damsel bugs, and ground beetles feed on bugs harmful to trees.

4. Healthy-Looking Trees Can’t Fall

Healthy-looking trees may look incapable of falling. But beneath the surface, they may have severe root system issues. As a result, it’s crucial to get your trees examined by a professional arborist from time to time. An arborist will be able to detect inconspicuous root structure issues, even in trees that look healthy.

5. Vines Are Good for Trees

Although certain vines look attractive growing on trees, they can cause severe damage to trees. Vines compete with trees for nutrients, and they block sunlight. Therefore, they can be detrimental to tree health, and in extreme cases, they can even weaken and kill trees.

6. Plenty of Water Can’t Harm Trees

Charleston, SC, summers get hot and humid, so don’t overwater your trees during the summer. Overwatering them can do more harm than good and result in root rot. If you’re uncertain about how much water you should use to water your trees, consult an arborist.

7. Tree Holes Should Be Filled With Cement

Filling tree holes with concrete, a process called “cavity filling,” once used to be considered wise. The reasoning was that filling holes with cement could strengthen hollow trees. However, this practice has since been debunked, and it’s no longer recommended because it can cause wood decay.

These are just some of the common tree myths still prevalent today. Instead of believing these and other tree myths, consult an arborist whenever you have sensitive questions about your trees.

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