How Maintenance Protects Trees During Storms

Workers stand on a crane and examine diseased tree branches

Storms can snap branches off trees, split a tree in half, or even knock an entire tree over. If any part of the tree lands on the roof of your house, car, or something else of value, the damage could be catastrophic and costly. You can’t prevent a storm, but you can ensure that the […]

Common Signs Your Trees Have an Insect Problem

Dangers of Having Dead Trees in Your Yard

Have you been wondering why your trees are withering and discoloring? The answer is that they have a pest infestation. Trees are an essential component of the environment as they supply us with fresh air. Furthermore, trees improve your yard’s look, making it more serene and relaxing. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain your trees, and […]

Make Your Trees Happy This Fall with Professional Tree Services

Autumn trees with colorful foliage in forest or park on foggy morning. Fall landscape background with yellow and orange trees in fog

Caring for your Charleston home’s landscaping should take place all year long. Fall is a particularly important time to take a good look at all of your home’s trees in this coastal area. Autumn is the time of the year when your trees have specific needs before going dormant for winter. The professionals know how […]

How Commercial Tree Trimming Can Benefit Your Business

tree trimmer trimming a tree growing under a electricity power line

Spring is right around the corner, and so is the tourist and storm season in South Carolina. If you are a business owner, part of attracting customers is the landscaping around your business. Having trees with broken branches, trees that are half dead, and overgrown vegetation gives potential customers the impression that you do not […]