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Common Signs Your Trees Have an Insect Problem

Have you been wondering why your trees are withering and discoloring? The answer is that they have a pest infestation. Trees are an essential component of the environment as they supply us with fresh air. Furthermore, trees improve your yard’s look, making it more serene and relaxing. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain your trees, and if you notice a health problem, take action. In the blog below, we discuss the common signs that indicate an insect problem.

Sudden Decline in the Health of your Tree

The most common sign is the drastic decline in the tree’s health. Insects like beetles and weevils can damage the tree’s inner bark and cambium layer, which affects how the tree transports water and nutrients. The insufficient nutrient supply can lead to wilting, stunted growth, and even tree death.

Presence of Visible Damaged Leaves

Insects like beetles and caterpillars eat the leaves of trees, leaving visible holes and chewed edges. Depending on how severe the insect infestation is, the damage may vary. When the trees are severely infested, you may notice faded, wilted, or yellow leaves. Furthermore, insects like aphids and spider mites discolor leaves leaving noticeable spots.

Presence of Sticky Sap on Branches

Some insects tend to leave a sticky sap or honeydew on branches or leaves, depending on the part they attack or feed. Honeydew is a sticky, sugary substance excreted by insects such as aphids, scale insects, and mealy bugs. In addition, honeydew can attract ants, further damaging the tree by creating nests in the bark. Moreover, the sticky sap can cause fungal infections and other diseases affecting the tree’s health.

Increase in Number of Birds Around Your Tree

Additionally, the increased presence of birds and other insect-eating animals can signify an infestation. These insect-eating animals are naturally drawn to insects; therefore, their presence and other signs should draw your attention. For example, woodpeckers feed on borers and other insects that infest trees. If you notice woodpecker holes in your tree, it may signify a borer infestation.

Appearance of Webbing on the Branches or Leaves of the Tree

Insects like spider mites are difficult to spot with the naked eye. However, they leave a webbing often visible on the affected tree parts. Moreover, caterpillars and other insects may spin cocoons or silk around themselves for protection from predators. Thus, if you notice several cocoons, it may indicate an infestation.

Increase in the Number of Insects Around Your Tree

When you see a surge in insects around your tree, you should pay extra attention as you risk an infestation. For instance, you may see many ants crawling up and down the tree trunk, which can imply aphids are infesting the tree. Ants often feed on the honeydew excreted by these insects, and their presence may indicate a more significant problem.

Therefore, giving extra care to your trees is essential to maintain the fresh air supply and relaxing feeling. The signs discussed will help you identify whether your tree is facing an insect invasion. And if you do notice any of these signs, kindly don’t hesitate to contact Charleston Stump Stompers in Charleston, SC, for any tree services.

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