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How Maintenance Protects Trees During Storms

Storms can snap branches off trees, split a tree in half, or even knock an entire tree over. If any part of the tree lands on the roof of your house, car, or something else of value, the damage could be catastrophic and costly. You can’t prevent a storm, but you can ensure that the trees in your yard are properly maintained.

Healthy trees are less susceptible to breakage, even in the worst of storms, and regular maintenance can detect disease, rid trees of dead branches, and ensure branches are growing at the best angles as well as address problems with a tree’s structure or roots. Some of the ways good tree maintenance can prepare trees for storms include the following.

Getting Rid of Potentially Damaging Excess

Dead, diseased, or decaying limbs are easily knocked off a tree by high winds and rain during a storm. Those limbs can go flying and end up hurting a person or pet or damaging valuable property.

Preventing the Spread of Disease

Diseases in trees spread just as they do in people. Therefore, a sick tree can spread disease to neighboring trees. Furthermore, when trees are diseased, they get weak and have a harder time withstanding a bad storm. The problem is bad enough when one tree is diseased, but when there are two or more sick trees, then you have double the trouble.

Maintaining a Good Structural Balance

Trees need a good structural balance from root to crown to have the greatest chance of survival during a storm. It is also best to ensure the branches are angled upward at 30 to 45 degrees so that they are not too close together.

It’s also important to avoid topping a tree (removing too many branches from the top) or lion-tailing it (removing too many internal branches). Topping trees can encourage decay, leading to weakness and death as well as an inability to withstand a storm. Lion-tailing throws off weight distribution and creates a structural imbalance that makes a tree susceptible to damage.

Checking for Weak Roots

The strength of trees begins with the roots. When they’re damaged, the tree is more likely to struggle with high winds and heavy rain. Therefore, neglecting problems with the roots can make a tree more likely to fall over during a bad storm.

The Best Way to Avoid Storm Damage Is Preventive Tree Maintenance

If you are looking to have your trees prepped for the severe weather season, call us today at Charleston Stump Stompers in Charleston, SC to schedule an appointment. Our team of professionals has the skills and experience to keep your trees healthy and help prevent potential damage caused by devastating storms.

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