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Caring for Your Outdoor Christmas Tree

Outdoor trees spread the Christmas spirit out into the yard for your neighbors to see. However, you need to follow these steps to keep your outdoor tree healthy throughout the month of December.

Look for a Fresh Tree

Freshly cut Christmas trees will last four to five weeks, so do not get one too soon. Any time after Thanksgiving should be good.

Follow these steps to determine if the tree is fresh:

  • Shake a few branches to see if a lot of needles fall off. If they do, it means the tree has probably been sitting on the lot for a while.
  • Smell the air. If the tree is freshly cut, you should notice a strong, tree-like fragrance.
  • Bend a few needles to see if they break. Needles from freshly cut trees will not break.
  • Make sure there are not any brown spots. The tree should be completely green
  • Check to see if there is sap on the bottom of the tree trunk. Sap indicates the tree recently had to heal itself.

Once you have picked your tree, wrap it in twine or netting so that the branches do not bend or break during transport.

Cut at Least One Inch Off the Bottom

Pre-cut trees try to heal themselves with sap after they have been cut. This means your tree will probably have a sap seal where the tree was cut. The sap seal prevents water from reaching up into the trunk and hydrating the tree. Fix that problem by sawing off at least one inch at the bottom.

Keep It Hydrated

Water is essential for a living tree. So, do not wait too long before placing the tree in water once you get it home. Ordinary tap water will do.

Water the tree every day during the first week when it will absorb the most water. Check the water levels at least twice a day to make sure there is always water in the bowl of the tree stand.

Have Fun Decorating the Tree

Enjoy decorating your outdoor tree, but keep these tips in mind:

  • Use LED lights because they do not get as hot as incandescent bulbs.
  • Keep Christmas trees away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid using ornaments that will attract wildlife.
  • Protect the cord from the elements.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

If you are looking for a commercial tree service to keep your trees healthy, call us at Charleston Stump Stompers in Charleston, SC. Our professionals have the skills and experience to keep your trees healthy throughout the holidays and beyond.

Looking for a reliable tree service company in Charleston, SC? Contact our team of licensed tree care professionals today. Call (843) 994-2260

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