Storm Prep to Protect Your Trees and Property

Extreme weather can wreak havoc on your trees. Heavy rain, lightning, and high winds can cause damage to your trees, which in turn may further damage your property. Ice and snow from winter storms can also damage trees and cause limbs to break off. These situations can potentially harm items in your yard. In worst-case […]

Preparing for a Storm Can Be a Wise Decision

When you know that a storm is soon heading your way, it’s time to take action. One way that storms can cause havoc is by toppling trees and large branches. If a tree or branch falls on your home or vehicle, you’ll have to deal with the messy and costly aftermath. To make it less […]

5 Key Benefits of Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup

Broken tree limb from storm damage laying on a lawn

Severe storms can wreak havoc on properties, leaving behind a path of destruction and safety risks. In the aftermath, it becomes imperative to prioritize emergency storm damage cleanup. This immediate action helps restore affected areas and provides several benefits. From preventing further damage to ensuring the safety of residents, emergency storm damage cleanup plays a […]

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning Service

forestry worker at work

A well-maintained and healthy tree can add significant value to your home. A well-trimmed tree will also look nicer and be less of a safety hazard. Many homeowners try to trim their own trees, but this is often not the best idea. Professional tree trimming and pruning services can do a much better job than […]

Why Expert Tree Care Is Crucial for Your Property

The man's hands in gardening gloves are sorting through the chopped wood of the trees. Mulching the tree trunk circle with wood chips. Organic matter of natural origin

As a Charleston, SC homeowner, you know the joys of having trees on your property. Trees provide inviting shade during the long summer months and add beauty to your front yard and backyard no matter the season. Properly maintained trees not only ensure your property’s trees look good. Keeping your trees in ideal shape also […]

4 Reasons to Get Professional Tree Trimming Services for Your Property

forestry worker at work

Charleston, SC, has beautiful oak trees that provide wonderful shade over the hot, humid summers. However, these oak trees can grow to be quite large if they’re not trimmed. Keeping oak trees and other trees on your property tamed isn’t the only reason you should look into tree trimming services. Here are more reasons to […]